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ESL's "hobbies and habits" English grammar class

In this class you will practice describing your hobbies and habits. In other words, what do you do in your free time? Before you tell us about your interests on the message board, please have a look at the model descriptions and grammar exercises below.

Here's a paragraph that I wrote about how I spend my time:

I spend most of my time taking care of my dogs and writing my PhD dissertation. I have three dogs. One of them is a puppy and I have to walk her 10 times a day. She has too much energy so a lot of the time I am playing with her or running with her to try to make her tired. Usually it's only me getting tired. When I'm not playing with my dogs, I am writing about online language learning for my dissertation. So far I have about 20 pages. I think a normal dissertation is over 100 pages in my field.


  • Be +ing for progressive or continuous actions - I'm not playing with my dogs, I'm writing...
  • Present simple for things that are true now, always true, or that happen over and over - I have three dogs.

Here's another description, also written by me. This one is for study habits. See if you can fill in the blanks by typing in the correct word. Answer choices are in parentheses after each blank.

I lived in Korea for 12 years. Now that I (live / living) in America I am (forget / forgetting) all the Korean I used to know. So I study Korean every Tuesday from 9 pm to 10 pm. Sometimes I (study / studying) online, like you are (do / doing) now. Other times I watch a Korean movie and write a summary. Then I (give / giving) the summary to my wife so that she can correct the errors.

So now you have two model descriptions, one for hobbies and one for study habits. Can you describe what you do with your free time? Please practice describing what you do in your free time on the message board. You can describe hobbies, study habits, and more if you want some extra practice.