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ESL's "family and pets description" English grammar class

In this class you will practice describing your family and your pets. Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you live with your parents? Before you try to describe your family on the message board, please have a look at the model family descriptions and grammar exercises below.

Here's a description that I wrote about my three dogs:

I got married in 2001. My wife and I never had kids, but we've had lots of awesome dogs. Right now, we have 3 dogs. We've had Libby since 2007 when we found her outside a dog meat restaurant in Seoul. She's only 5 pounds so I don't think she'd feed too many people, but she appeared to be a stray so we had to save her. We've had Lucky since 2011 when we found him in the mountains in South Korea. He had been a stray for a long time. He was so hungry that he was eating mud and rocks. The vet had to put him on an IV for 5 days and they didn't know if he would live. He's doing great so this sad story has a happy ending. Our third dog is Pickles. We adopted her in Atlanta from an animal rescue group in 2015. She's our youngest dog and she's a border collie so she has tons of energy. We get a lot of exercise running around with her.

Grammar: Comparatives & superlatives

  • Comparing the subject to a group - Libby is our smallest dog. Pickles is our biggest dog. We've had Libby the longest. Pickles is the newest addition to our family.
  • Comparing two things - Lucky is bigger than Libby but smaller than Pickles. Pickles is bigger than Lucky and Libby combined. We've had Lucky longer than Pickles but not as long as Libby.

Here's another description, also written by me. See if you can fill in the blanks by typing in the correct word. Answer choices are in parentheses after each blank.

I live in Atlanta but my parents and my sister live in Boston. My sister is two years (young, younger) than me. My parents are kind of unusual because my mom is (older, oldest) than my dad. She's the (older, oldest) person in our family but we're not really allowed to talk about her age. My sister has two kids, a three year old daughter (my niece) and a one-year-old boy (my nephew). My nephew is the (younger, youngest) person in our family.

So now you have two model family descriptions. Can you describe your family (people or pets)? Please practice describing your family on the message board. You can describe people and pets if you want some extra practice.