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Fill in the correct verb forms after reading the article

Strategy in Essay Writing

When it comes to English essay writing, many students often lose their mind. In fact, there is nothing too complicated, you just need to keep up to certain rules.

Writing a Perfect English Essay

During the long studying process, you can finally master the writing of one paper kind, and then, the trouble appears. How can you write a good essay to contrast, compare or criticize titles. This problem can show up with a topic, too, as there are so many that have their own special features. Regardless, there is a special solution that you might use for any topic and to get it right. Here is the list of features we want to present you in order to make your process of academic paper writing much more easy. Each of the points mentioned below will help you improve your academic essay.

Some time ago, one of the writers got the idea to compare essay writing to a warfare strategy. The point is next. In ancient times, their military tactics were about gathering all the available troops together, and then putting the strongest of them at the back and the front.

Those troops were strong and enemies were unable to penetrate their lines.

In academic writing, one can use the same tactical moves: presenting a strong introduction that provokes the reader to think and supporting it with a great and unbreakable conclusion, you can achieve great success in any type of essay paper writing. Taking care about your academic paper organization, especially the introduction and conclusion, will help you reach the level of those professional services that function online.

What additional things should you mention in the text?

  • Perform an analysis of the info you know and that you have found when providing topical research. When there is a good knowledge base behind your back, you can analyze the arguments represented and recognize claims as well as evidence and reasons.
  • The very first option to consider while thinking about how to write a perfect essay on any topic is to write a thesis statement. That is the main idea of your paper. It has to be as precise and as short as it is possible for it to be. The whole paper analyzes the thesis, to prove that statement is right. Each new argument provided as a support to the main idea can be written and described through its own separate paragraph.
  • You can also check free samples of essay papers available on the Internet to find out ways for expressing your ideas and supporting them correctly and solidly. Any reliable professional writing company is ready to demonstrate their previously composed essay samples by publishing them on their web pages.
  • When finishing the writing, devote some time to think over the conclusion and intro. Try to write some memorable facts in both of them: the quote, the thought-provoking idea, call-to-action phrase, etc. Actually, those two paragraphs of your essay can be about the same thing, but described in a different way.
  • Probably the most common mistake made by college and university students is using the wrong essay formatting. You have to stick to those guidelines in order to avoid incorrect citations or plagiarism issues that may appear in the paper.
  • Check the paper to find small mechanical mistakes: even if it has already driven you mad and you feel sick after looking through the first two-three sentences. Go sleep. Have a break. Eat a cupcake. Drink some tea. Start checking your paper only after that. Imagine that you are a random professor seeing it for the very first time.
  • Now you can start writing your English essay paper. You found out how to create a good text, understand the correct sequence of actions while writing and know how to complete the essay correctly.

    Now it's time for a grammar exercise. Use the base verb or -ing:

    When (finish) the writing, devote some time to think over...

    When you (finish) the writing, devote some time to think over...

    Probably the most common mistake made by college and university students is (use) the wrong essay formatting.

    Probably the most common mistake is when college and university students (use) the wrong essay formatting.

    Start (check) your paper only after that.

    You should (check) your paper only after that.

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