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Compare Achilles (Brad Pitt and Joe Montana)!

In 2003, Joe Montana (a famous American football star) played Achilles in Helen of Troy. In 2004, Brad Pitt played Achilles in Troy. Let's work on our grammar a bit as we compare the two actors portraying Achilles.

Joe Montana as Achilles Bradd Pitt as Achilles
Joe Montana as Achilles Brad Pitt as Achilles

Note that when it comes to contrast we have lots of word choices in English:

Joe Montana is sitting down but Brad Pitt is riding into battle.

Joe Montana isn't wearing much armor whereas Brad Pitt has a breastplate and a helmet.

Joe Montana is bald while Brad Pitt has hair down to his shoulders.

Often we can use but, whereas, & while interchangeably but they're not exactly the same. "But" is the most common and least formal. "Whereas" is more usual than while for showing contrast - "while" is often associated with two things happening at the same time.

Suppose you want to stop talking about differences and start talking about similarities.

Although they look pretty different, there are some similarities. For example they both look pretty serious.

Note that similarities can be expressed multiple ways as well:

While they look pretty different...

Though they look pretty different...

Despite their differences...

and so on.

Now you can try it using "less" and "more".

Joe Montana has armor than Brad Pitt.

Joe Montana also has hair than Brad Pitt.

Now you need to practice. Please visit this thread and do some more comparing: Achilles comparison thread. Which actor is better looking? Which actor has more muscle? Which actor looks older?

If you want to practice making comparisons with adjectives, this class and this message board thread should be useful. For example you could talk about whether cats or dogs make better pets by comparing them.