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ESL's free online English class with error correction: conversational and business English

Here are instructions for signing up for a free online English class.

Each week you will receive grammar and vocabulary exercises plus communication tasks. The tasks will focus on conversational English and business English. You will practice your English by completing the language exercises and posting on the message board.

As students communicate with each other on the message board, an experienced ESL teacher will provide error correction to help you improve your English accuracy.

The course is free. The course is part of a research project and students need to read the informed consent to understand the research goals and how their privacy will be protected.

Students will need internet access to take the course, and some free time for studying English. Students can be anywhere in the world and can post on the message board any time they like.

Step 1: You read the informed consent because this class is part of a study on error correction in online language learning.

Step 2: After agreeing to take the class / participate in the study, create a username for the message board at - you do not need to use your real name, any nickname is fine.

Step 3: I will email you links to online grammar exercises and topics for discussion. You should try use the language from the exercises when you have your discussions on the message board. You use the message board to practice English and I will help you correct your errors.

Step 4: I will award certificates if you complete 25 or more assignments.

You may begin the class any time so please email now if you want to start improving your English while you learn about other cultures.