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Diet and exercise health discussion class

Discussing health, diets, and exercise is interesting but difficult: If I go on a diet, I'll lose weight or If I exercise more I'll lose weight. This class will look at some sentences about diets, exercise, and losing weight with the word "if". You will be asked to finish each sentence correctly. The wrong answers are errors that I have heard English learners make while talking about going on a diet.

I have heard people say:

  • If I quit dieting, I might gain a weight.
  • If I quit dieting, I might lose slender.
  • If I quit dieting, I might become less weight.

Those are wrong. Correct ways to say it would be:

  • If I quit dieting, I might gain weight.
  • If I quit my diet, I might not lose weight.

Note that "If I quit my diet,..." is just as correct as "If I quit dieting,..." That's because diet can be a noun or a verb.

You will get the beginning of a sentence: "If I quit dieting..." or "If I exercise..." and four possible ways to finish each sentence. Choose the answer that makes a grammatically correct sentence. If you get a JavaScript error you may need to reload (refresh) the page in order to start the quiz.

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