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Diet and weight loss health discussion grammar class

Diets and weight loss are common topics these days. People want to talk about staying healthy when dieting to lose weight, so I'm going to show you how to talk about losing weight in English. First, some common mistakes when talking about diets:

Mistake Correct
I want to lose my weight. I want to lose weight.
You've lost your weight. You've lost weight.
I want to lose many weight. I want to lose a lot of weight.
You've lost a weight. You've lost weight.
I want to reduce my fat. I want to get in shape.

Look at these statements about weight loss. If a statement is true, click "true". If a statement is false, click "false". You have think about the correct and incorrect sentences above to answer the questions. If you get a JavaScript error you may need to reload (refresh) the page in order to start the quiz.


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If you want to practice talking about dieting and losing weight, try the Food and health English practice message board. Or you can take another diet and exercise class.

Calories Burned Chart - how many calories certain exercises burn.

Low Carb Eating - how to improve your diet.

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