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ESL's Overture pay per click search engine class

In this class we're going to look at the most famous pay per click (PPC) search engine, Overture. Pay per click, PPC for short, means that every time someone clicks on a link to visit a web site, the person who owns the web site being visited has to pay. With Overture, you decide how much you are willing to pay for each click. If you are willing to pay a lot of money for each click, your site will be near the top when someone does a search. If you are only paying a little money for each click, your web page will not be near the top. No matter how much you pay, Overture only shows your web site to people who search for your key words. This means that with Overture, the people who click on an advertisement to visit your site are already interested in the information on your web site. Advertising with Overture is a good way to get visitors who are likely to become customers.

Informative Overture ads

The ads are actual working advertisements; is free for you to use, but not free for me to publish. If you sign up for overture after clicking on an ad, Overture gives me a small commission which will be used to improve this site.

DRIVE BOTTOM LINE RESULTS TO YOUR WEB SITE. With one buy, Overture lists your site on the best portals and search engines, and you pay only for targeted leads. This translates into a high return on your advertising investment. Sign up with Overture now!

With Overture you set your own cost-per-lead and pay only for targeted customers, leading to a high ROI. Advertise with Overture.

Overture has two programs for people who want to advertise their web sites. Fast Track costs $199 to join and you get expert help deciding how much money you should pay for each click. Self Serve is free to join, but no one will help you; you have to decide how mcuh to spend on advertising. Sign up with Overture now!

Here's a pay per click search engine vocabulary test. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.

PPC A. cost per click; the amount of money paid every time someone clicks on a link to visit a web site.
CPC B. someone who is looking for what your web site offers.
targeted lead C. return on investment; the money you make compared to the money you invest.
high return D. the Overture program where experts help you advertise your web site.
cost per lead E. the free Overture program, which you must manage on your own.
ROI F. a lot of profit.
Fast Track G. pay per click; a system where money is paid every time someone clicks to visit a web site.
Self Serve H. the amount of money you pay for a visitor (potential customer) to your web site.

Practice talking about business on the business message board. You can talk about advertising, ROI, returns, leads, etc. Or you can talk about technology on the technology message board. You can talk about pay per click search engines and other forms of web advertising. has a great selection of well categorized, human edited websites that are the best of the internet.

Since I have some expereince with internet marketing, I keep an online advertising blog which has information on web site advertising.