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ESL's "job description" business English grammar class

In this class you will practice describing your job (or a job you might want in the future). Before you try to describe your job on the message board, please have a look at the model job descriptions and grammar exercises below.

Here's a job description that I wrote:

I'm an ESL teacher. My job involves creating lessons that encourage students to practice communicating in English. Then, after students use their English, my job is to give them feedback. Feedback is important because students need to know when they use English correctly and when they make mistakes. If I do my job well, then students will practice their English over and over again. As I give my students more feedback, they should begin to use more complex and accurate English. But if I ever do a poor job, I could discourage students from practicing.


  • involves +ing - My job involves creating...
  • My job is +infinitive - My job is to give...
  • If + present verb + future verb - If I do my job well, then students will practice...

Here's another job description, also written by me. See if you can fill in the blanks by typing in the correct word. Answer choices are in parentheses after each blank.

I'm a PhD candidate. I am done with my coursework so my job is to (write / writing) my dissertation. Writing a dissertation involves (do / doing) research. Then, after I do my research, I report the results in the dissertation. If I write a good dissertation, then I will (do / doing) a dissertation defense. If I pass the defense, then I will (get / getting) my PhD. If I don't write a good dissertation or if I fail my defense, then I won't (get / getting) my PhD.

So now you have two model job descriptions. Can you describe your job (or the job you want)? Please practice describing your job on the message board. You can describe more than one job if you want some extra practice.