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ESL "how to trade" English for business vocabulary and reading class

Below is a teaching activity to develop student vocabulary. You can find these types of activities taught online, in master degree of teaching programs. Here we chose a small trading article as a topic since it mentions economic terms that business students will be using to in their professional career. This technique is often used to improve the students reading and writing abilities, they have a chance to expand their vocabulary as well as learn to understand the structure of the sentences.

First, read this short excerpt from an article about how the stock market is changing because of the threat of terrorism. Then try to guess the definitions of each word.

How To Trade When Major Events Affect Financial Markets

Retrieved from on 10/04/2003

By M. Boucher 10/03/2003

Finally, we suggest extra caution, and a more gradualist approach to increasing equity allocations than under normal circumstances. It is quite possible that the markets will become very volatile and lead to false signals in each direction over the coming months. A US attack may appear to be successful for many weeks, but a retaliation by terrorists could lead the market to sink to new lows. Uncertainty is higher, so risk is higher, and that means allocation to stocks should stay lower until those risks recede.

Type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word or phrase.

caution A. unpredictable and prone to big changes
gradualist B. information that suggests the market will move in one direction
equity allocations C. the act of being careful to avoid danger.
volatile D. danger
signals E. the amount of money invested in stocks
retaliation F. not knowing what will happen
sink G. revenge, counter-attack
uncertainty H. go down
risk I. slow, doing things a little bit at a time

Practice your Business English on the business message board. Perhaps you have some stock trading tips that you could share. You could also talk about the global economy or the national economy in your country.

For more information on trading stocks, try reading Stock market information and leaving comments about the ideas in this stock market blog.