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ESL's "stock market" business English vocabulary and reading class

First, read this short excerpt from an article about stocks. Then try to guess the definitions of each word.

Flight to Quality Coming in Stocks?

Retrieved from on 10/02/2003

By R. Byrne 09/30/2003

A sharp decline in stocks recently has some analysts wondering whether now is the time to get out of speculative tech names and into quality issues that have largely been ignored this year.

Stocks that zoomed higher in the third quarter were among some of the biggest laggards on Tuesday, as investors began to question whether the economic recovery priced into these issues will actually materialize. Meanwhile, a handful of tobacco and consumer products stocks were finally getting some respect.

Type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word or phrase.

sharp A. technology companies
decline B. move very fast
analyst C. someone (or something) that falls behind
speculative D. big, pronounced
tech names E. someone who examines stocks
quality issues F. happen, come true
zoom G. stocks that are well-known and hopefully safe
laggard H. go down
materialize I. risky, dangerous

Practice your Business English on the business message board. You can tell us about the stock market in your country.

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