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ESL's "credibility" business English grammar future perfect class

Read this short excerpt about how to finance the purchase of a franchise. This will be used as a context for some grammar work with the future perfect verb tense.

Retrieved 10/12/2003 from

To get financing, you must have equity, credit or credibility. The third is the easiest to get. After as little as six months or a year of following the savings plan as outlined above, you will have established a track record that shows you are serious about owning a franchise.

At this point you can contact franchisers directly or use a consultant to see what options exist for you. Even if you find that you'll have to keep saving for another few months or longer, you'll still be on your way to making your dream of owning your own business come true!

Grammar: "You will have established a track record" is an example of the future perfect. We use this tense to talk about something that will have happened or will have been completed by a certain time in the future. The active is formed with will have + past participle while the passive is formed with will have been + past participle.

Type the correct future perfect verb into each box. Do not use contractions (use you will, rather than you'll).

If you save $500 every month, you (save) $3,000 after six months.

More importantly, (make) yourself credible and shown lenders that you're serious.

By the time I'm 35, I (buy) a franchise restaurant.

That new franchise (become) famous by 2010.

So, when you want to say that by a certain time in the future a certain action will have occurred, use the future perfect.

Practice your Business English on the business message board. You can talk about business loans, franchises, or any other topic that interests you.

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