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ESL's "False Advertising" business English grammar conditional class

Read this short complaint about false advertising. This will be used as a context for some grammar work with conditional sentences.

Retrieved 10/12/2003

This company advertised a disk that they were unable to ship. They had no stock and were unable to obtain it. I relied on their ad when making the order, and would have selected another company if they had advertised accurate information.

Grammar: "He would have selected another company if they had advertised accurate information" is an example of a conditional sentence. In this case it's a past conditional; the situation happened in the past.

Past conditional: If this company had advertised accurate information, they wouldn't have received this complaint.

Present conditional: If this company advertises accurate information, they won't receive customer complaints.

Type the correct conditional into each box. Do not use contractions (use you I would, rather than I'd).

I was looking for an advertising agency last year. I (hire) ABC firm if they (advertise) a cheap price.

It doesn't help me if they (advertise) a cheap price now.

If I (advertise) with ABC last year, I (spend) too much money.

If they (advertise) a better price now, there (be) nothing I can do.

So, past conditionals get If + subject + had + past participle, and would + have + past participle. Look for chances to practice talking about advertising on the business English message board.