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ESL's "Boy in Ohio" English listening class by James Trotta does not charge for this online class. You will, however, need to listen to the song "Boy in Ohio" written by Phil Ochs, an American folk singer. The song is available on What's That I Hear?:The Songs of Phil Ochs. This album consists of two CDs, has the song "Iron Lady" (for another class), and future classes offered by will make use of songs on this album. You can try to find it in your local music store or you can purchase it from

cover Buy What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs from

This class starts with a focus on listening. The focus then switches to vocabulary and past tense verbs. Finally, you will be encouraged to talk about your own past on the Say "Hi" forum.


Listen to the song "Boy in Ohio". Ohio is a state in America where the song writer grew up. Judging from the words and/or the mood of the song, do you think the song writer liked or disliked growing up in Ohio?

The "Boy in Ohio class" consists of:

Class part Activity Time
Intro General information about the class and listen for for the main idea of the song. 5 minutes for the listening plus however long it takes you to get the song.
Part A Introduction to some difficult vocabulary. 10 minutes
Part B Study some past simple verbs. 10 minutes
Part C Listen for the vocab and past simple. 10 minutes
Part D Talk about your childhood on the Say "Hi" forum (or any of the other forums if you prefer). As much (or as little) time as you like.