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ESL's free online English grammar class: there is / there are

Vincent's Bedroom at Arles by Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent's bedroom at Arles

This is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. You can discuss the painting or ask questions about this class on this message board thread. Here I'm just going to try to show you a little grammar by using "there is" and "there are" to describe the painting.

Use "there is" to talk about one thing and "there are" to talk about two or more things: There is one picture on this webpage but there are many words.

To ask a question, put the verb first: Is there a desk? Are there any people?

"Wh" questions follow the normal question word order: How many pictures are there? Why are there two chairs?

Now you can try it. Remember that computers are not as smart as you are. You must NOT use contractions (use "there is", not "there's") or the computer will tell you you're wrong!

There a bed.

There a few pictures.

There two chairs.

There a small table.

there many windows?

No, there only one window.

there a TV?

No, there no TV.

How many pillows there?

There two pillows on the bed.

I hope that this is enough to get you started. You can tell us about your favorite painting on the ESL off-topic forum. If you don't feel like writing you can read what other people are saying.

Picture framing is very important, but you have to know where to go. I waited over a month to get a picture framed because I didn't know where to go for picture framing. Finally, my wife had the pictures framed for our anniversary.

Find more information about painting in my directory.