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Vocabulary lesson for Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students, unit 1

This class focuses on a few select vocabulary items presented in Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students. If you have questions about this class, please visit this message board thread.

Take a look at the following news headline and note the two people mentioned and the use of one of our vocabulary words from chapter 1 of Authentic English Readings for Advanced Students, chagrin.

Reverend Wright Resurfaces, To Obama's Chagrin

First, what does the headline mean? Is Obama happy that Reverend Wright is back in the news?

If you're not sure, consider the following quote from Obama: "He does not speak for me. He does not speak for the campaign." Now would you say Obama feels happy about reverend Wright being in the news?

Look at the following pairs of antonyms. Which are similar in meaning to chagrin? Type the correct answer into the box.

1. embarrassed, proud

2. uneasy, relaxed

3. annoyed, relieved

Now take the following 5 vocabulary items from chapter 1 and figure out which one best completes each sentence: get acclimated, detrimental, celebratory, jumped at a chance, knew what he was getting into

4. Reverend Wright being in the news is to Obama's campaign.

5. Running for president requires a ton of work. Obama thought he but even he was surprised.

6. After the election, there was a concert featuring Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce.

7. Once Obama took office, many people thought he was off to a good start: "It didn't take long for Barack Obama - for all his youth and inexperience - to to his new role as the calming leader of a country in crisis." (quote from AP Washington correspondent Liz Sidoti)

8. One of the biggest challenges Obama took on was trying to reform the US healthcare system.

During one talk on healthcare, Obama was asked how people can help him. He " to tell people how they can help him get a bill to his desk. He advised people to lobby senators and representatives for health care reform by telling their own personal stories of concern." (quote from 2009 AP article Obama: OK if Senate delays health vote)

As I always say, the only way to learn this stuff perfectly is to use it. You can tell us one of your stories on the English practice forums. The more you use English to communicate, the easier it will be to remember grammar and vocabulary!