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Season tickets and ticket broker vocabulary class

Many Americans are sports crazy. This class is designed to help you speak about season tickets and ticket brokers. Read this article on getting tickets to Giants football games and Red Sox baseball games and answer the vocabulary questions that follow.

Giants stadium holds 80,000 people. However, many Giants fans have never been to a Giants game. That's because it's very hard to buy tickets as most seats are spoken for by season ticket holders.

There is a waiting list of 80,000 people for Giants season tickets. Each year, just a handful of Giants football fans receive the opportunity to buy Giants tickets because Giants fans do not give up their season tickets. They put the tickets in their wills and their children inherit the season tickets. This means that season tickets have been handed down from generation to generation from the original holders. As a result, many Giants fans have been on the season ticket waiting list for over 20 years.

A similar situation plays a major role in the movie Fever Pitch. The main character is a Boston Red Sox fan named Ben. Ben's uncle left Ben his season tickets, which he could sell for more than $100,000 if he wanted to. But Ben doesn't sell his tickets.

That's why if you want to see a Giants game you'll probably need to visit a ticket broker. If you want to get the best seats for a Red Sox game you'll also need a ticket broker. Ticket brokers often have tickets for sold out sporting events like Giants football games and red Sox baseball games.

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the Giants A. a Major League Baseball team in Boston
spoken for B. people who purchase tickets for all of a team's home games in a season
season ticket holders C. a National Football League team in New York/New Jersey
season tickets D. a legal document that takes effect when a person dies
waiting list E. A company that buys and sells tickets
a handful F. parents leave something to their children, then the children give it to their children, etc.
will G. taken
inherit H. a small number
hand down from generation to generation I. a package of tickets for all of a team's home games in a season
Red Sox J. everything has been purchased
ticket broker K. get something from another person, normally after the person has died
sold out L. the names of people who want something that is not currently available

I hope that this is enough to get you started. Try talking about season tickets and ticket brokers on ESL go sports forum.

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