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Enjoy this fictional story and then take a look at some of the vocabulary used:

Elizabeth was a secret agent and therefore, had no time for normal school.

What with taking down bad guys and saving the world and all, she couldn’t exactly commute to and from class and sit in lecture halls and finish assignments in a timely matter. She wasn't Superwoman. Just last week the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland had been kidnapped by Scandinavian pirates and somebody had to save him. He certainly couldn't get himself free. You see, the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland is a bit of a chubby man. He enjoys the finer, more chocolate-y things in life. It had made carrying him off the ship extremely difficult. Plus, there had been the matter of dodging bullets, but she was used to that.

Now they were sending her to France to infiltrate the mob because, as usual, the diabolical Jacque Cristo was apparently planning on taking over the world with a giant laser beam. This was decidedly not good, and although Elizabeth thought his plot sounded like something out of a bad action flick, the government was taking Monsieur Cristo quite seriously. After all, he had already attempted this seven times.

The intelligence the government had managed to gather indicated that the mob was in dire need of an exquisite French cook. Insert Elizabeth, who may not actually be an exquisite French cook (or even a good cook really), but would have to become one if the government hoped to foil Jacque's very evil and devious plan.

Since she didn't have time to go to a culinary school, the government enrolled her in one of the many, fine distance learning culinary programs.

This was not her first experience with online colleges. Back when she had been recruited to the department, she got her criminal justice degree online. And when her old partner Mohamed had been brought into the agency, they immediately made him get his ESL degree since his English skills were next to non-existent.

Cooking, it turned out, was a very effective course. The video demonstrations showed Elizabeth how to create some fancy French meals. She got to eat them afterwards so she quite enjoyed cooking and improved quickly. In no time at all she was roasting duck and baking cakes.

So naturally the French Mob did not question her cover when she introduced herself as Marie Valentine from Montpellier in flawless French (she excelled at languages). Nor did they question her when Jacque Cristo himself saw her digging around in his desk for laser blueprints (she simply explained that she was looking for a pen and smiled). By the time they did begin to question her, she had already planted a bomb on the laser in question and was due for extraction in ten minutes.

The mission was a success. The world was safe.

Here's a vocabulary test. Try to type the letter of the correct definition into the box on the left of each word.

secret agent A. definitely, extremely
take down * B. very evil
infiltrate C. related to cooking
diabolical D. removal by force
decidedly E. spy
foil F. sneak into
exquisite G. really really good (fancy, classy)
culinary H. stop, prevent, thwart
next to non-existent I. very little
extraction J. capture, defeat, eliminate

* Take down 'something' or take 'something' down can both work. For example:

Elizabeth is busy taking down bad guys.

Elizabeth is busy taking bad guys down.