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ESL's free English classes: study 45 free online ESL classes

Each free English class helps you study English grammar or vocabulary in use. After you study an online English class, go to the English practice message boards where you can practice using the English grammar and vocabulary by communicating with English students around the world.

The free English classes are rated for difficulty:

If you are more interested in content than level:

These ESL classes are hard. The best way for me to help you study English is to challenge you. Remeber you need to do more than study grammar. You need to practice using English. So after the grammar exercises, please finsih the class by writing on the message board.

The newest English classes on

Approaches to plaigiarism - Use that, when, what, and why in a description of causes for plaigiarism.

Describe your hobbies and study habits - Use present simple and present progressive to describe what you do in your free time.

Describe your family and pets - Use comparatives and superlatives to describe your family and pets.

Describe your job - Practice describing your job using infinitives gerunds, and conditionals.

Level 1 English classes for high beginners

Correct Winky - Winky's bad grammar from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

My hobbies and interests - grammar for a brief self-introduction.

there is / there are - grammar used to describe a bedroom.

Level 2 English classes for low intermediate students

Richie and Nash - grammar to compare my cats (who are named Richie and Nash).

NFL - Sports vocabulary to describe the two New York football teams.

Passive modals - passive modal verbs from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Wireless - vocabulary and present perfect verbs from a news article about wireless technology.

Cruise - present perfect verbs in a short conversation about a cruise.

Lend and Borrow - vocabulary for a short conversation about a car loan.

Yahoo CEO - past perfect verbs from a statement about Yahoo's business.

Business questions - grammar to ask questions about stocks.

"I Will" free English class - vocabulary to listen to a song by the Beatles.

"Cry" free English class - vocabulary to listen to a song by Mandy Moore.

Level 3 English classes for intermediate students

Insurance - When to use active verbs and when to use passive verbs.

Homeowners insurance - Reported speech (say & tell).

Computer games in Korea - vocabulary in an article about the popularity of computer games in Korea.

How to trade stocks - vocabulary in an article about trading stocks.

Quality stocks - vocabulary from a news article about stocks.

How to get a site hosted - vocabulary from a web hosting ad.

Teleconferencing - vocabulary from an introduction to the IMTC.

Overture class - vocabulary about pay per click search engines.

WiFi class - grammar describing the future of wireless internet connections.

Passive modals 2 - passive modals from a White House press release.

Indexing class - grammar from a news article about mutual funds.

Domain name registration class - vocabulary about how to register a domain name.

Arlo Guthrie - past perfect used in a story.

Obong mountain - past perfect to describe my trip to Obong mountain.

Sorting characters - vocabulary and the Sorting Hat's song in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

TV and children - vocabulary an article about how TV affects children.

Diets and weight loss - common grammar mistakes regarding weight loss.

Diets and exercise - common grammar mistakes in "if" (conditional) sentences regarding diets.

"Boy in Ohio" free English class based on a folk song by Phil Ochs.

Business transitions - See how transitions are used in business writing.

5-HTP transitions - See how transitions are used in academic writing.

Level 4 English classes for upper intermediate students

Online colleges - a vocabulary class featuring words used in the context of a spy story.

Health dangers of obesity - 5 vocabulary items presented in a health advice article.

Multiple Intelligences WebQuest - study multiple intelligences to become a better learner.

Credibility - future perfect and advice about getting a loan.

False advertising - conditional sentences from a complaint about an advertisement.

Study ESL in America - advice about studying ESL in America.

Stock Options - vocabulary from an explanation of stock options.

Present perfect passive ecology - present perfect passive from a description of a charity.

Computer virus - vocabulary needed to discuss computer viruses.

"Don't Cry" free English class based on a rock ballad by Guns N' Roses.

Raiders free English class based on Raiders of the Lost Ark, an American action movie.

Level 5 English classes for advanced students

Vocabulary from unit 1 - Some vocabulary items from my reading textbook, unit 1.

"Rome" grammar class - study present perfect, past perfect, and past progressive in relation to past simple.

Diabetes vocabulary class - study present perfect, past perfect, and past progressive in relation to past simple.

Car vocabulary - help sorting our a few vocabulary items related to driving and includes a look at some Konglish words.

Raiders 2 free English class based on the action movie starring Harrison Ford.

A Voice Within English listening class based on a Christina Aguilera song.

"Iron Lady" English class based on an American folk song about the death penalty.

Essay writing grammar class based on ad copy for an essay writing service.

An overview of admissions essays - a paper written for American students about how to write an admissions essay when applying to a school.

English application essays - a big class designed for American students about how to write an admissions essays.

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